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Use by organisations

The Place of Reflection is an important community space in Kings Park that is designed to provide comfort and support for people dealing with loss or other difficult circumstances in their life. Its location in Kings Park makes it not only widely accessible, but also a very special place to draw comfort from: in the midst of a busy city, visitors can find inspirational beauty, secluded places for quiet reflection and a protected experience of nature that supports healing and recovery processes.

The Place of Reflection welcomes all people, regardless of age, culture or religious affiliation. Individuals can visit the Place of Reflection anytime during the day and into the early evening, and a covered pavilion (the Marlee Pavilion) can be booked for organised events.

There is a wide range of organisations whose clients would benefit from knowing about the Place of Reflection and the facilities it provides. Although the primary intention was to establish a healing environment for people who had lost a loved one, many other people are now benefiting from visiting this quiet, beautiful and restorative place.

Organisations who might wish to promote the Place of Reflection to clients, and the families of clients, include:

  • Hospitals (especially emergency, critical care, oncology and social work departments) and other health providers
  • Hospices/palliative care providers
  • Funeral homes
  • Loss and support groups
  • Cancer support organisations
  • Mental health care providers or support groups
  • Aged care organisations
  • Organisations and groups supporting refugees
  • Domestic violence support organisations
  • Victims of crime support organisations
  • Organisations supporting people with drug or alcohol issues
  • Foster care and adoption support agencies
  • Organisations working with/mentoring troubled youth
  • Other organisations dealing with vulnerable or disenfranchised groups

In the ‘Resources’ section of this website you will find a downloadable flyer (suitable to include in information packs or to be provided as an information hand-out) and an A4 poster (intended for displaying in a waiting room, on a noticeboard or similar). These may assist you in promoting the facility to your clients or members.

You may also wish to consider using the site in the course of your organisation’s activities, especially if you provide counselling or mentoring services or have need for an inspirational venue for an organisational event.

The following organisations worked together to bring the Place of Reflection vision to life:

Association for Services to Torture and Trauma Survivors (ASeTTS); Healing Hearts Foundation (founded by the Rotary Club of Heirisson); Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Kids WA; The Compassionate Friends WA; Soroptimist International of South Perth; Lotterywest; Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority; and Friends of Kings Park.