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The need

The Place of Reflection recognises the extent of loss and grief experienced by so many in our community, each form of loss bringing its own pain. For some, that loss is especially poignant and challenging, for example:

  • the immeasurable, continuous pain and sorrow following the death of a child
  • for missing persons, the heavy burden of not knowing what has happened to a loved one, with no opportunity for ceremony, closure or even goodbye
  • the trauma of those who come here as refugees, leaving behind loved ones
  • the grief of Aboriginal communities, especially those hurt by the loss of traditional healing places.

In offering a protected place in nature where all cultural and religious perspectives are welcomed, the Place of Reflection provides an important new healing space for Western Australia’s diverse and growing population. The site offers solace not only to those who have lost a loved one, but those experiencing loss in many different forms: the loss of physical or mental health, the loss of cultural identity or the significant breakdown of family relationships, among many scenarios.

Links to advice and support

Counselling support is available within the community to assist people experiencing grief and loss and there are a number of support groups that connect people experiencing loss in its different forms. For those in need of immediate advice and support, a number of organisations offer a 24-hour helpline that may be of use:

The Compassionate Friends also offers support and counselling services: (08) 9486 8711.

The following organisations worked together to bring the Place of Reflection vision to life:

Association for Services to Torture and Trauma Survivors (ASeTTS); Healing Hearts Foundation (founded by the Rotary Club of Heirisson); Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Kids WA; The Compassionate Friends WA; Soroptimist International of South Perth; Lotterywest; Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority; and Friends of Kings Park.