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Organising an event

The covered Marlee Pavilion within the Place of Reflection is well suited to gatherings by small to medium-sized groups. It can seat up to 50 people or can provide standing room for up to 80 people.

It can be used by families and groups of friends as well as by community groups and organisations. The information below will help you in planning a successful event. Additional resources are also available from the Resources section of this website.

Timing and booking your event

The Marlee Pavilion is available for use seven days per week, and can be booked for up to two hours during the day. This excludes the month of September, when the Kings Park Festival takes place, and various other dates when major events are being held in the park. The venue is also occasionally used for weddings, particularly on the weekends. Bookings for the Marlee Pavilion are managed by the Kings Park bookings staff, so availability needs to be checked with them before setting the date and time of your event (see Bookings information). Weather conditions, especially during the winter months, also need to be taken into account, given that this is an outdoor venue. The Marlee Pavilion is lit in the early evening, which may be of benefit to events held in the late afternoon. However, all visitors are expected to have vacated the site by 8.30pm at the very latest, as there are no lights or security staff available after this time.

Locating the venue

The secluded positioning of the Place of Reflection within Kings Park can sometimes make it a little difficult to find for first-time (and even second-time!) visitors. It is recommended that you direct your guests to the location maps included on this website before they set out for the venue.

Parking and access to the site

There is a drop-off area directly in front of the pathway leading to the Place of Reflection, where you can unload equipment you are bringing to your event. Parking (including disabled bays) is available along the roadway and in the Roe Carpark nearby and a sealed footpath runs between this and the Place of Reflection entrance. The site is relatively flat and is wheelchair-friendly (no steps). See the Parking and Facilities map on this website for more detailed information.

On-site facilities

A power outlet with capacity for two plugs is provided on the edge of the pavilion, so you can use electronic equipment at the site such as music and PA systems. Bench seating along one side of the pavilion accommodates around 15 people, with any additional seating needing to be brought in. Plastic chairs from event hire companies are ideal for this purpose. There are public toilets directly across the road from the Place of Reflection and drinking fountains not far away. See the Place of Reflection Parking and Facilities map on this website for more detailed information.

Event set-up and catering

The Mt Eliza escarpment provides one of the best backdrops you’ll find at a Perth venue so it is recommended you set up your event to take full advantage of this, with any chairs facing towards the magnificent view.

There are no facilities provided for preparing or reheating food at the Place of Reflection, so any refreshments provided to guests need to be brought in pre-prepared. Platters of cold finger-food are ideal. It is also necessary for users to bring in their own serving tables and equipment. The Kings Park bookings form provides more detail on the use of outside caterers, alcohol provisions, use of glassware and disposal of rubbish.

Supporting your speakers, and other event tips

  • Speakers: Often, events held at the Place of Reflection can be of an emotional nature and speakers may need some support to get through this task. This could mean providing a sound system/microphone for soft speakers so they don’t have to project their voice to the crowd and providing a glass of water nearby in case a dry throat makes speaking difficult. A podium for speakers to rest their notes on is also a good idea, as holding them in a breeze can be difficult and distracting (and also noisy, particularly if they are holding a microphone).
  • Music/sound: The sounds of nature at the Place of Reflection (especially the birdcalls) create a special ambience that, for many events, may be more atmospheric than music. However, the powered site does allow for a sound system to be brought along if you want to include music as part of your event.
  • Making the most of the site: If guests go straight to the Marlee Pavilion for your event, they may not be aware of the other facilities within the Place of Reflection, such as the walking paths and decked contemplation areas. You may suggest that they wander through the site at the start or conclusion of the event, so they can appreciate for themselves what the Place of Reflection is all about, and promote it to others who might also benefit from knowing about it. The Resources section of this website contains Information about the Place of Reflection that you can download, print and give to your guests as handouts.

Planning for the weather

One of the key attractions of the Place of Reflection is its location in nature. However, the outdoor setting does present particular issues when organising an event and organisers should be mindful of the potential impact of heat, wind and rain on their guests. You may wish to consider:

  • Weighting down any handout materials so they don’t blow away
  • Providing some extra umbrellas for guests if rain is likely
  • On a hot day, ensuring guests have access to water and, if elderly or infirm, to seating
  • Keeping refreshments covered until they are ready to be served to guests, and keeping drinks on ice.

The following organisations worked together to bring the Place of Reflection vision to life:

Association for Services to Torture and Trauma Survivors (ASeTTS); Healing Hearts Foundation (founded by the Rotary Club of Heirisson); Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Kids WA; The Compassionate Friends WA; Soroptimist International of South Perth; Lotterywest; Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority; and Friends of Kings Park.